• Top Task
    Top TaskRecruitment PlatformToptask is a platform that enables you and your business to hire vetted London university students by the hour with no strings attached. The platform gives you access to on-demand help for your office tasks including research, admin, graphic design, social media help, running errands & more.It is not only a useful and flexible manpower tool for you and your business, but also an amazing way of supporting students by offering them a fair income and valuable work experience.
  • Lavender Hill Kitchen and Bakery
    Lavender Hill Kitchen and BakeryMartin Birnhak

    Lavender Hill Kitchen and Bakery is an artisan vegetarian bakery and kitchen in Battersea that produces a wide range of sweet and savoury items. If you are hosting a party, an event or a meeting, and you want cakes, cookies and pastries, platters of sandwiches, salads and quiches or even hot dishes such as trays of lasagne, they provide freshly prepared delicious items!

  • Ekaterina Popova
    Ekaterina PopovaCEO at InspoHub Oy

    InspoHub helps companies build and execute successful online marketing strategies, and achieve better results with the help of inspiring and unique content of different formats in English, Russian, Finnish and Swedish. In a nutshell, InspoHub does strategic planning based on their business goals, creating high-quality visual and textual content based on the content plans for different marketing channels, running high-volume campaigns and collaborating with influencers.