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Getting into entrepreneurship is undoubtedly an exciting and life-changing journey. It helps you discover and develop features and qualities of your character that you never even thought about. On the other hand, it often gets overwhelming and stressful. In those times, it is always a great idea to get some insights from soemone who has already been there, to open up for support and strengthen your reselience.

We had the chance to interview Victoria A. Tiller, a performance coach and consultant with over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, who has launched 3 businesses. Here is what she shared with us about her entrepreneurial adventure and what she has been learning from it.


Idea Space: Who is Victoria Tiller?

Victoria: I am a wife, mom of three, educator, and entrepreneur. I enjoy working with people to live life on their own terms. I believe that the way to do that is through education, personal development, and entrepreneurship.

Idea Space: How did you get into entrepreneurship?

Victoria:  I got into entrepreneurship because I would come across a product or service and think to myself, “I could do that.” I didn’t really know what was required, but I knew with some research I could figure it out.

Idea Space: What was the first business you started?

Victoria: I often say the first business that I started was an online children’s clothing store. However, the first business I started was a business directory. The online children’s store was the first business that earned money.

Idea Space: What was your biggest challenge starting your first business?

Victoria: My biggest challenge with starting my first business was lack of confidence. I was nervous about putting myself out in front of others and asking for the sale. I understood the importance of marketing, but I didn’t want people to know it was me running the business in case it didn’t work out.

Idea Space: How did you decide to get into coaching? What is the Why behind your current business?

Victoria: I got into coaching after my day care failed. I made so many fundamental business mistakes (and I knew better), that I wanted to make sure that aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs implemented business basics to build a solid foundation for their business.

Idea Space: What is your biggest insight on staying motivating and keeping the balance in your life, as an entrepreneur?

Victoria: I stay motivated by celebrating small wins. Working to have frequent small wins keeps you going until you have the big win.I don’t necessarily believe in balance, but prioritizing. I focus on what is most important, what needs my attention the most at a particular time.

Idea Space: What is the most rewarding part of running a business?

Victoria: For me, the most rewarding part of running a business is helping someone to accomplish something they thought wasn’t possible.

Idea Space: Have you ever received negative feedback on your business and how did it reflect on your personal life?

Victoria: I once had a client tell me that she almost cancelled her remaining sessions with me because she did not like how I was having her address the barriers to her success. She told me she wasn’t ready to go there. She told me she realized it was something she needed to deal with, but she wasn’t ready yet. That made me question my coaching and if I was ready to help my clients breakthrough those big barriers.

Idea Space: What is your biggest insight on counting your blessings and maintaining the right mindset when things get tough in business?

Victoria: Again, it’s important to celebrate the small wins. Reflect on the small wins and you’ll see how far you’ve come.

Idea Space: How do you manage to get back up after failure?

Victoria: I get back up after a failure by looking for the lesson. What worked? What didn’t work? How can I make it better the next time?

Idea Space: How do you envision the future of your business?

Victoria: In the future, I see me traveling more for business. I would like to host workshops, conferences, and retreats in the U.S. and abroad.

Idea Space: Thank you for sharing your journey and insights with us. 

If you want to connect with Victoria, you can do so by clicking the following links: – Victoria’s website  – Connect on Facebook – Follow on Instagram – Learn more entrepreneurial insights. Listen to Victoria’s podcast  -Join Victoria’s e-mail group for exclusive tips and tricks – If you want to be part of Victoria’s uplifting community, join the Vision to Victorious Squad for a daily dose of support and motivation


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